We are a broadly skilled team of General & expert Dentists, and technical dentists, working across 2 locations in Turkey and Algeria, providing a wide range of general and dental services and treatments including Hollywood smile, the 4th generation from E MAX lenses We are focused on improving your dental health, optimal smile functioning and giving you more confidence in your appearance through our Dentistry Services.


We have a private laboratory in which the best technical experts work, and they work on making the finest dental lenses, which are called " E-Max " And the doctors who work at the company level have the competence necessary to provide the best smile to the customer at a competitive cost for many companies, And LaVaneers company provides the patient with a warranty card for lenses with a duration of no less than seven years, and follow-up directly from the doctor who installed the lenses, you can contact us to know the prices for a Hollywood smile and get a free consultation directly from the doctor directly..